Town Council 12/17/18

Committee Name: 

Amherst Town Council

Meeting date: 

Monday, December 17, 2018 - 18:30

Meeting Location: 

Town Room, Town Hall

Members present: 


Observer Notes: 


  1. One Public Comment. Carol Johnson, Amherst Cinema, argued for more parking.
  2. Action Items (charge and composition of the proposed committees)
    The Council was reminded of a general provision mandated by the Charter for all committees to have an uneven number of members (to avoid ties).
    APPROVED composition and charges for:
    • Finance Committee (unanimous) (note, no unelected residents)
    • Communications, Outreach and Appointments Committee (unanimous)
    • Governance, Organization, and Legislation Committee (12-1, Dumont opposed)
    • Joint Capital Planning Committee (with Library and School Board), Amendment for composition (passed 8 to 5, Brewer, de Angelis, Griesmer, Hanneke, and Schreiber, opposed); charge (passed unanimously).

    The Council took up material on Procedures and Duties deferred from Dec. 10 and referred most questions to the Ad hoc Rules of Procedures Committee, meeting Dec 18 at the Bangs. Councilor Bahl-Milne volunteered to be the 5th member of the committee.
    TABLED to a future date (after considerable discussion)

    • Community Development Committee (proposal to rename it to Development and Sustainability, and wait till a clearer sense of what the charge was to be emerged);
    • Budget Coordinating Group (with other town units) (Actual committee assignments will be made by Griesmer in consultation with all the councilors individually, before the next meeting.)
  3. Meeting Schedule for 2019 was adopted, pending clarification of dates around the Jewish holidays in the Fall. January meetings, 1/7 and 1/28.
  4. Town Manager commended the Council for establishing the committees, just in time to receive assignments from staff and other town units.
  5. Councilor Steinberg gave a brief report of the 4-Towns (School) meeting 12/8.
  6. Council Retreat being planned for late Jan/ early Feb.

A “theme” in the discussion was “Building the airplane while they were flying it.”

Note that another Observer from District 1 attended until the break. (Two mentions of appreciation for the League of Women Voters were made: 1) for the Observers (by the end, I was the only non-staff, non-Council person in the room), and 2) the new joint venture of ACTV and LWWA, a show "Byline with Stan Rosenberg" will begin Dec 28, 2018 at 8 pm on Channel 17—to spotlight local and state government.

Adjourned 10:20 pm.

League Observer: 

Barbara Pearson