Town Council 12/3/18

Committee Name: 

Amherst Town Council

Meeting date: 

Monday, December 3, 2018 - 20:00

Meeting Location: 

Town Room, Town Hall

Members present: 


Observer Notes: 

All members present: At-Large Councilors Alisa Brewer, Mandi Jo Hanneke and Andy Steinberg; District 1 Councilors Cathy Shoen and Sarah Swartz, District 2 Councilors Lynn Griesemer and Pat de Angelis; District 3 Councilors Dorothy Pam and George Ryan; District 4 Councilors Evan Ross,and Stephen Schreiber; District 5 Councilors Shalini Bahl-Milne and Darcy DuMont.

  1. Public Comment period: 4 members of the public.
  2. Each Councilor was permitted a 3 minute comment.
  3. Election and swearing in of Officers: Lynn Griesemer voted as President, unanimously. Sarah Swartz and Mandi Jo Hanneke were nominated for Vice-President. Vote tied 4 (or 5?) times, until Griesemer was persuaded to cast a vote (rather than abstain) to break the tie. She chose Hanneke.
  4. Town Clerk Nartowicz was appointed and sworn in as Clerk of the Council.
  5. A proclamation was read thanking prior contributors to the town government
  6. The Bylaws committee gave a fairly lengthy brief summary of Rules of Procedures they were proposing. The Council voted to adopt a skeleton set of “procedures” and “bylaws” (the exact ones reflected in the town clerk’s minutes) and then appointed a subcommittee to review the whole document and report back to the committee. (Hanneke, Schoen, and DuMont to work with the committee members appointed by the Select Board).


The next meetings were set for Monday Dec 10 and Dec. 17 at 7 to 10 p.m.

The 4-Towns (School Committee) Finance Meeting will be Saturday Dec 8 from 9 to 11:30 am at the Middle School. Andy Steinberg will attend and was authorized to speak for the Council, if necessary.

Public Comment period: 2.

Adjourn (at 11:40 pm!).

League Observer: 

Barbara Pearson