The League’s program consists of those issues that the League has chosen for study and action at the national, state or local level.


League action is based on positions and priorities adopted by its members annually (local Leagues) or biennially (state and national Leagues.)

The League emphasizes the involvement of its members in every aspect of League program. Its process for formulating positions and taking action at the grassroots level sets the League apart from other advocacy organizations.

Study: In order to arrive at a position, the League engages in a unique process that involves members at every stage:

  • the original suggestion of an issue to be addressed;
  • research and study, serving to inform the members not only prior to adoption of the position but for eventual action based on the position;
  • consensus on the general principles to be embodied in a position;
  • annual or biennial re-adoption of a detailed position that reflects this consensus.

Following the adoption of a position, members may act on it through

  • Advocacy: citizen education and development of specific recommendations
  • Lobbying: promotion of, or opposition to, specific legislation or executive action

Members are involved in League action through:

  • annual or biennial setting of action priorities;
  • continuing research, for example, the preparation of policy briefs or position papers to be published or presented as official statements or testimony by the League;
  • citizen education, for example, arranging public forums;
  • citizen lobbying by members speaking as individuals (not as representatives of the League).