The Citizen Lobbyist

The League of Women Voters has played a key role in influencing national, state, and local government policy since the League’s founding in 1920. Here in Massachusetts, the state League advocates for our legislative priorities on Beacon Hill. As a grassroots organization, we depend on our members to act as citizen lobbyists to make our voice heard on important issues of public policy.

Lobbying is the act of talking to elected officials about the merits of your position. Your goal is to influence their position through your knowledge of the issues. As an organization devoted to encouraging informed and active participation in government, the League aims to ensure that the voice of the people is heard. Lobbying by League members provides our legislators with direct access to information about how particular proposed legislation might affect their constituents – the people who live, work and vote in their districts. League members have a unique opportunity to educate our elected officials and fellow citizens because of our reputation for being non-partisan, well-informed, and coming to our positions through open-minded, careful study and the consensus of our members. As citizens, we may advocate on any issue of importance to us. However, if you are lobbying as a member of the League, and identify yourself as such, your lobbying must reflect the positions of the League.

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