Annual Meeting

Connecticut River Basin Inter-League Program

Our focus this past year has been twofold: relicensing for five dams on the Connecticut River, and the Town’s purchase of the Hickory Ridge property in Amherst. I have participated - virtually - with regular LiveStream seminars through Connecticut River Conservancy touching on various aspects of the relicensing process. Two of these dams are in Massachusetts (Turners Falls dam, Northfield Mountain Pumped Storage Project), three are on the Vermont/New Hampshire border (Wilder, Bellows Falls, Vernon dams).

LWVA's annual meeting will be on line, June 3 at 7 p.m. Registration is required.

Task Force to "Get Out the 2020 Census Count"

The concept of the Task Force began with the organization of the Town's Complete Count Committee in October 2019. We have been working and partnering our efforts with the Jones Library, the Senior Center, Rep. Mindy Domb, LWVMA, MA Counts/Voter Table and MA Immigration and Advocacy Coalition to ensure that Amherst, as the 9th hardest to count community in the state, receives its fair share of federal funding, fair share of Congressional seats, and accurate information for fair state and local redistricting.

Highlights of the year:


The Amherst League has 187 members in 159 households and 21 life members. This year members received a League history in honor of the 80th anniversary and a program booklet.

Members received cards appropriate to member's needs.

Submitted by Phyllis Lehrer

Health Care Committee

The Health Care Committee (HCC) has been stable in its membership this year, but had a minor re-organization. We started out (through February) in a continuing affiliation with the Amherst Area Hub of Western Mass Medicare for All. Then WMM4A announced that they were re-thinking the strategy of local hubs by geography and are opting for hubs by constituency (working through such venues as faith-based organizations, (medical) provider groups, universities).

The League supported two projects to add affordable housing in Amherst.

East Street School

This project to build between 15 and 36 rental units for low-income individuals and families at the site of the old East Street School has received approval and was put out for proposals to do the work. Unfortunately, no company wants to bid until the town does further research on the amount of hazardous materials in the existing building (mostly asbestos) and how much of the land is actually buildable (wetlands issues). Those issues have not been resolved yet.

The Committee was created to organize events celebrating two different but related events, the founding of the League of Women Voters on February 14, 1920, and the passage on August 26, 1920, of the 19th Amendment enabling women to vote.


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