Annual Meeting

Voter Registration: In June, 2014, Judy and Marcie held a “kick off” Voters Registration Meeting at Marcie’s house. Twelve people came and we enjoyed an energy filled training on how to run a Voters Registration Table. Then we brainstormed about places events where we can do tabling, and started to sign up for specific times and places. A “sign up genius” was used for coordinating some of the scheduling.

We decided to summarize the 2014-2015 League year by drawing on what we wrote in the Presidents’ comment column we shared in the League’s Bulletin.

In response to the report of the 2014 Nominating Committee, the LWVA board established a task force to consider possible changes in the organizational structure of the LWVA in the fall of 2014. In the course of its work, the Nominating Committee had noted a mismatch between the extent of the League’s activities and its volunteer resources, as well as a preference among the members contacted in their search for Board candidates for shorter-range commitments.

LWVA Bulletin: Eleven issues were published between June 2014 and May 2015 and mailed to member households as well as local libraries, elected officials and a handful of additional recipients. PDF versions were uploaded to the web site, and beginning in January individual articles were also placed on line. The on-line versions include live links for further information.

The First Vice President is responsible for oversight of the League’s annual programs, monthly events, brown bags, serving on the Executive Committee and forwarding information on programs to the newsletter and public relations director.

YOU are the key to making the new structure proposed by the OSTF work, so that our League can continue to prosper and serve the community.

The LWVA board is not planning to recommend any local studies or position updates for 2015-2016. We will have a study item from LWVMA on School Choice and probably one or maybe even two items from LWVUS on Money in Politics and Amending the Constitution, so we will be doing some studies leading to consensus next year at the state and national level.


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