Prepared as background material for the Amherst Area Chamber of Commerce awards banquet on October 1, 2015, at which LWVA received the Chamber's Community Service award.

See also the interview with former League president Cynthia Brubaker.

Coming Together Amherst hosted a screening of a talk by Michelle Alexander.

LWVA has been invited to participate in a new program at the University of Massachusetts called UMass Women into Leadership by providing mentors for undergraduate female students in the program.

Next in the LWVA series Amherst: How a Small Town Makes Big Things Happen.

University of Massachusetts Professor Elizabeth Vierling presented two talks on GMOs sponsored by the LWV Amherst, on April 15 and November 20, 2014. She noted that people are concerned about GMOs and stressed that knowledge-based processes should be used to understand the risks and rewards of new technologies. A brief summary is presented here. More information is available on her website.


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