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The Task Force has developed a survey to ascertain residents' opinions regarding Amherst’s Council/Manager form of government under the 2017 Home Rule Charter, in light of good government principles. The survey is in anticipation of the town’s review of the Charter scheduled for 2024 when the Council will consider whether any portions of the charter should be amended or revised. We ask that you share with your groups and networks so that we can get responses from a representative sample of the town.

The deadline  is Patriot’s Day,  April 17.

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LWVMA Legislative Priorities 2023-24

(online) Part II of a two-part LWVMA Town Hall. Register.




New School Project Discussion

Amherst Neighbors and the League of Women Voters Amherst is pleased to host Adrienne Terrizzi and Cathy Schoen for a special discussion of the issues surrounding the new elementary school project in Amherst and its impact on our community.

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