Town Charter Review Committee

The committee's work will  determine whether amendments or revisions of specific provisions to the Charter are warranted, based on the LWVA’s “good government” principles. We will also observe the Town’s Charter Review process, and update the Steering Committee as to new developments.  

Committee members: Darcy Dumont, Marla Jamate, Julian Hynes and Janet Potash.

Click here for 1st Slide presentation from 3/17/2024

Click here for 2nd Slide presentation from 4/14/2024

Click here for 3rd Slide presetation from 5/5/2024.

Click here for video recordings.


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We need more committee chairs and/or active members! Particularly in the following committee areas:

Climate Action
Affordable Housing
Connecticut River Watershed
LWVMA liaison


2023/24 Steering Committee

Andrea Battle, At-large
Rebecca Fricke, Spokesperson, e-Bulletin editor 
Marla Jamate, Social Media
Susan Lowery, Membership
Jessica Ryan, Voter Service
David Shanabrook, Treasurer


Chair Sue Lowery

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Voter Service
Chair Jessica Ryan

Read more about our Voter Services on our dedicated page:

For Town of Amherst election information see Amherst's Elections page.


Chair Barbara Pearson

Dedicated to educating and mobilizing League members to work toward legislation and other reforms.  These efforts aim to achieve the objectives of our LWVUS health care position, with a particular emphasis on an expanded and improved Medicare for All: a single-payer system.

HCR4US Toolkit  
HCR4US Youtube Channel 
Newsletter Archive


Connecticut River Watershed  
Chair Elisabeth Davis

Reporting on and advocating for Connecticut River health.


Climate Action
Chair Susan Millinger

Advocating and educating on sustainability and climate change issues.


Book Sale Committee 
Chair Susan Millinger

Plans annual book sale. Read more on our dedicated Book Sale page:


Racial Justice 
Chair Marcie Sclove

Read more about our Racial Justice Committee on our dedicated page:

And watch our Judy Brooks Series on our YouTube channel

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