2023/24 Steering Committee

Andrea Battle, At-large
Nancy Dimattio, At-large
Rebecca Fricke, Spokesperson, e-Bulletin editor 
Marla Jamate, Social Media
Susan Lowery, Membership
Jessica Ryan, e-Bulletin editor
David Shanabrook, Treasurer


Membership: Chair, Sue Lowery

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Voter Services: Chair, Jessica Ryan

Read more about our Voter Services on our dedicated page:

For Town of Amherst election information see Amherst's Elections page.

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Racial Justice: Marcie Sclove

Read more about  our Racial Justice Committee on our dedicated page:

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Healthcare: Chair Barbara Pearson

Dedicated to educating and mobilizing League members to work toward legislation and other reforms that enact the goals of our LWVUS health care position, with a strong focus on expanded and improved Medicare for All (a single-payer system). 

HCR4US Toolkit: https://lwvhealthcarereform.org
HCR4US Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/
LWVHealthCareReform Newsletter Archive: https://lwvhealthcarereform.org/#latest-newsletter 


Affordable Housing Committee: Chair Elisa Campbell

Advocating for affordable housing in Amherst.


Connecticut River Watershed Committee: Chair Elisabeth Davis

Reporting on and advocating for Connecticut River health.


Climate Action Committee: Chair, Susan Millinger

Advocating and educating on sustainability and climate change issues.


Book Sale Committee: Chair, Susan Millinger

Plans annual book sale. Read more on our dedicated Book Sale page:

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Climate Action
Affordable Housing
Connecticut River Watershed
LWVMA liaison

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