Race Amity Day 

The annual observance and celebration of Race Amity Day is on the 2nd Sunday of June —this year on June 11th at 3pm in person on the Town Hall steps, and on the Town Common .

The Amherst League, has been a co-sponsor of the event since 2018.

Race Amity Day recognizes that social and racial justice in our community depends on strengthening bonds of respect, caring and love across our ethnic and cultural identities. The reality is that there is only one human race. We are a single people inhabiting planet earth. It is a time to raise our consciousness of what it means to recognize and act on the truth of the oneness of humankind. Other co-sponsors invited for this year's Race Amity Day include the Town Council (who will issue and present a Proclamation), the Interfaith Opportunities Network (ION), Citizens for Racial Amity Now! (CRAN), and the Amherst Baha'i Community.

The event will feature live music and dance, poetry, statements, reflecting on the meaning and implications of the oneness of humankind.

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LWVA Grants

The LWV Amherst is now accepting applications for 2023 Civic Action Grants Up to $2,500 for projects that are directly related to the League's priority programs.

Please read the information and guidelines for the League's Civic Action Grants first.

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2023 Grant Awards and Donations


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Fort River Elementary Library 

Donation for Civics and Women's Studies books

Recent Studies and Reviews

Town Charter Review

LWVA Charter Review Task Force survey!

The Task Force  developed a survey to ascertain residents' opinions regarding Amherst’s Council/Manager form of government under the 2017 Home Rule Charter, in light of good government principles.

The survey is in anticipation of the town’s review of the Charter scheduled for 2024 when the Council will consider whether any portions of the charter should be amended or revised.

The survey results were presented at a public meeting at the Bangs Center on May 24th. 

See survey result presentation slides here.

Ballot Question Study (LWVMA)

LWVMA studied the process for statewide citizen-initiated ballot questions in 2018-2019. Thirty-six Massachusetts Leagues held consensus meetings in connection with this study, including LWVA. The new state position was approved at the LWVMA Convention on June 8, 2019

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League Studies

Once an issue has been adopted for study by the members, a study committee is formed to assemble study materials and plan the process by which the general membership will be able to learn about the issues.
The committee is responsible for preparing consensus questions for one or more discussion meetings (consensus meetings), in which members attempt to come to agreement. Each consensus question is framed so that it is neutral, in terms that allow multiple possible conclusions.
The committee prepares summaries of alternative points of view on each question and provides enough information so that members can do their own further research as desired. Depending on the complexity of the issue, the study committee may decide to hold informational meetings prior to the consensus meetings. These meetings can be primarily for members, or they may be organized as public civic education meetings.
After the consensus meetings have been held, and arrived at consensus on each question (or failed to arrive at such a consensus), it is the role of the board or steering committee to approve the final wording of a position statement consistent with the consensus. Since many League positions are retained for decades, they need to be worded generally and flexibly so they can be used in a variety of advocacy situations. Details such as references to specific legislation or technology must be avoided, since they could limit League advocacy in unknown future situations.
Finally, as with all League positions, the position as formulated must be adopted annually (or bienially) to remain part of the League's program.

Guidelines for LWVMA  Studies

2022/23 Steering Committee

Darcy Dumont, At-Large
Trish Farrington, At-Large
Rebecca Fricke, At-Large
Marla Jamate, Social Media
Phyllis Lehrer, Membership
Susan Lowery, At-Large
Susan Millinger, LWVMA and LWVUS liaison
Leslie Nyman, Recorder
Deanna Pearlstein,  Event Organization
Jessica Ryan, e-Bulletin editor
David Shanabrook, Treasurer

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